How do I unsubscribe from a representation through the citizenship portal?

At any time, both the person granting the power (power of attorney) and the person receiving it (representative) may terminate the power.

In the case of the power of attorney, from the "Consultation and Management" tab, you can search for the representations in which it appears as the power of attorney and unsubscribe them, revoking them.

In the case of the representative, from the "Start" screen, you can search for all the representations that are counted as:

  • Powerful, revoking them
  • Representative, giving up
How do I modify a representation?
A created representation can no longer be modified. All you have to do is unsubscribe and create a new one.
How do I view my representations?

To consult the representations you have, once you have accessed the portal, on the home page, under your data appear "My representations", the list of people with whom you have representations either as a person who grants powers or who receives it. If you click on it, you can see its contents.

What emails does the platform send?

The Representa service, if the e-mail is informed during the performance and the sending of communications from the person giving the powers (power of attorney) and the person receiving the powers (representatives) is authorized, send an e-mail whenever a change of state is made in the representation.

This way, an email is sent every time it is done:

  • high
  • revocation
  • resignation
  • validation of a pending validation (indicates registration)
  • denial of representation pending validation
  • acceptance of a pending representation (indicates registration)
  • cancellation of a representation (performed by the administration, when an error is detected in it or, when 40 days have elapsed since the request for representation and it has not been accepted by the representative)

And in the event that a representation expires:

  • notice of expiration 1 month before
  • notice of expiration in 1 week
  • expiration