How do I access the service?

You can find the service access link for the different Representa user entities in the Representa Enrolled Entries FAQ.

How do I verify my identity?

Access to the portal for the management of representations is made through the "VÀLid" identity integration service of the AOC. Through this service, you can identify yourself with idCAT Mobile. Cl@ve, idCAT Certificate or any other digital certificate.

How do I grant representation?

Access the citizens' portal (you will find the link for each portal on the website of each body that uses the service), tab "I want to be represented" and enter the representative's details:

enter the representative's details

Then indicate what type of representation you want: General, an Organism or Procedures and all the necessary data of the same: Capacity and Validity. (More information in What is a representation or a power of attorney? >> Types of powers of attorney). In the case of representations to a specific body or procedures, it will be necessary to indicate the Body and in the latter case also the procedure.

Before registering the representation, a screen will appear to confirm if the data is correct or cancel the action.

If you press confirm, the details of the same will appear, where it indicates that the representation remains as "Pending acceptance" and it will be necessary for the representative to accept it explicitly in order to be "Valid"

If you have provided your email address and indicated that you want to receive notifications, you will receive a communication about this.

How do I request the registration of a representation?

Access the citizenship portal, "I want to represent" tab.

It is necessary to indicate the type of representation (general, body and procedures), the capacity and validity of the power of attorney (more information in What is a representation or a power of attorney? >>Types of powers of attorney).

From here we can have two situations:

  • If we have documentation that endorses the representation, it must be attached, the administration will review and decide whether the representation is valid or not.
  • If we do not have documentation that endorses the representation, we can create the representation without and then, the proxy (person who grants us the powers) will have to accept it explicitly.

Then press "Register" and a screen will appear with all the data asking if you want to confirm or cancel the registration.

Confirmation screen

If you press confirm, a pdf proof of the registration will be downloaded and the details of the same will appear, where it is indicated:

  • that the representation is pending validation (in the case that we attach documentation)
  • that the representation is pending acceptance (in the event that we do not attach documentation)

If you have indicated your e-mail and indicated that you want to receive notices, you will receive a communication when the representation has been validated or, if it is ultimately denied.

Which documents can I download?

In relation to a specific representation, two types of receipts can be downloaded, either by searching for the representation from the "Home" tab or from the "Consultation and Management" tab and accessing the detail view of the same and pressing the "Actions" button:

Proof of application: is a receipt that is automatically generated when the request is submitted to the system and reports on the data of the request made. However, this document can also be retrieved from the details of the representation by pressing the "Actions" > "Registration justification" button.

Representation justification : it is a report that collects all the information related to a specific representation, including its life cycle and therefore its current state, and that can be generated when viewing the details of a representation by pressing the “Actions” > “Export to pdf” button.

Do companies have to manage representations electronically?

Yes. According to the arguments that will be presented below, legal entities would be obliged to make and manage powers of attorney in electronic form.

Granting a power of attorney is not an administrative procedure but the ability to act in the administrative procedure, a prerequisite for acting.

If we look at article 14 of the LPAC, "Right and obligation to relate electronically with Public Administrations" (systematically located in the Law in title II "On the activity of Public Administrations" chapter I "Regulations general actions"), there is disparate wording regarding the relationship of natural and legal persons with the Administration.

The article mentions the possibility of physical persons to relate electronically or not with the Public Administrations and, among these relationships, in addition to the administrative procedure, it expressly indicates communication with the Administration. On the other hand, point 2 specifies that for legal entities there is an obligation to relate electronically with public administrations to carry out any procedure of an administrative procedure.

Therefore, for legal entities the administrative relationship refers to formalities of an administrative procedure and for individuals it is considered that this relationship can be a mere communication.

Given this discrepancy, that this article is not within the Title IV of the provisions on the common administrative procedure and that, in addition, the will of the legislator with laws 39 and 40 is to advance the implementation of electronic administration, a systematic interpretation is made in accordance with the spirit of the rule and electronic processing is considered mandatory for to certain groups, including legal entities.

Is it necessary to sign the request for representation on the citizenship portal?

Representa does not require signing with a digital certificate the registration request from the citizen portal because the provisions of art.11.1 of Law 39/2015 apply, so identification is sufficient done with VALID and complete the registration by clicking on the "Register" button, which allows you to record the will of the person appearing (and favors it as it simplifies the procedure).

What is the maximum size of an attachment? How many documents can be attached?
The maximum size of a document attached to Representa is 25 Mb. In relation to representations, the maximum number of documents to be attached is 10 documents.
Documentation to attach to a representation on the citizenship portal

If you want to register a representation and attach documentation that accredits it, this must be " any legally valid means that leaves reliable evidence of its existence " (article 5.4 of Law 39/2015, of October 1, of common administrative procedure of public administrations, LPACAP).

Only notarial documents or private documents verified by any other public notary are accepted because they are the only ones that meet the requirements of the LPACAP. In general, other documents are excluded such as, for example, scans without elements of authenticity or photographs (more information at the end of this section).

When you complete the registration application process with attached documentation, your request remains in the "Pending validation" status and the legal advice of the us will analyze whether the document reliably accredits the representation:

  • If it is an admitted document and the advisory body responsible for processing evaluates it positively, the representation will be incorporated into the Representa and the status will change to "Valid".
  • If, on the other hand, the report is unfavorable because the document is not admissible or a lack or insufficiency of authorization is appreciated, the amendment will be required. You will have 10 days to provide new documentation or your application will be rejected (the status will change to “Denyed”).

Other practical issues to highlight relating to the registration of representations:

  • If you are the person granting the power of representation to someone else ("I want them to represent me") you can grant a representation without attaching any document (representation apud acta ); you will have to wait for the representative person to accept the representation. It is recommended that you prefer to use this registration request because it is faster and easier to manage.
  • Can you provide a photocopy of a document? Photocopies are not legally valid means of certifying representations, nor are documents signed between individuals.

However, if you want to register a representation to act before a specific Administration or to carry out a specific procedure before an Administration (type B and C powers), the acceptance and sufficiency of the documentation depends on the criteria of the consultancy that checks it.

  • On certain occasions and for certain procedures, registrations in the register of associations or similar, referring to the representation, can be considered reliable means (at the assessment of the legal consultancy that performs the validation).
  • If the provided notarial document does not have the CSV (Secure Verification Code), please note that it must be an electronic original document or an authentic copy, provided by a registration assistance office.
  • As long as the integration with other Electronic Registers of Powers of Attorney is not operational, you can attach Registration Certificates to POWER OF ATTORNEY if they have sufficient information about the representation.
  • You can also provide a certificate issued by the Mercantile Registry with a CSV.
  • You are not obliged to register the representation with Representa. Registration speeds up the electronic processing when you act on behalf of someone else because you save having to justify the capacity of representation each time.

For this reason, it is not recommended to register for Representa if you will only carry out a single procedure.

  • Despite the changes in the format of the family book, it is usual to accompany it as a document certifying the representation. If so, it must be an authentic copy or have a CSV that allows authenticity to be checked.
I get an error creating a rendering. What is the reason?

The platform checks that there are no matching representations between two people, preventing their creation. In this way, if we create a representation that fully or partially matches in scope and/or time with another, this error message appears and the generation is not allowed.

So for example, if we have a representation in which NIF 1234567A grants general powers to NIF 1122334455B during 2023, we cannot create another one for a specific Agency or specific procedure, for example, during September 2023, given that the of the body/procedure is already included in the general.

What emails does the platform send?

The Representa service sends an e-mail when a change of status is made in the representation, as long as the e-mail is reported when the representation is made and the sending of communications is authorized both from the person giving the powers (power of attorney) and from whom he receives powers of attorney (representatives)

This way, an email is sent each time:

  • high
  • revocation
  • resignation
  • validation of a representation pending validation (indicates that it has been registered)
  • denial of a representation pending validation
  • acceptance of a representation pending acceptance (indicates that it has been registered)
  • annulment

In the event that a representation expires:

  • notice of expiration 1 month before
  • notice of expiration in 1 week
  • expiry

When a representation is pending acceptance, an email is sent:

  • notice pending acceptance 1 week later
  • notice pending acceptance 1 month later