What is the Representa?

Representa is a common electronic register of powers of attorney that AOC makes available to the Administration of the Generalitat of Catalonia, the Local Entities of Catalonia and public bodies and public law entities linked or dependent on the above.

This record is shared by all of them; that is to say, it is not an individual or independent record, which entails joint responsibility for the processing of the personal data contained therein.

The Representa is not:

  • An administrative record
  • A register of qualified officials

What is an Electronic Register of Powers of Attorney?

The Electronic Register of Powers of Attorney, created by Law 39/2015 (article 6), makes it possible to record the representations that citizens, professionals and companies grant to third parties to act on their behalf before Public Administrations. Is registration mandatory in order to accredit a representation?

The Representa is only one of the different legally valid ways to certify that one person is a representative of another (Art.5 law 39/2015). Enrollment in the same is recommended in cases of repeated actions by one person on behalf of another, therefore, we do not recommend enrollment when the representation ends with the completion of the specific procedure (e.g. the case of a one-off request for works by a developer on behalf of the owner of the property) and if, on the other hand, it is recommended in cases of repeated actions (e.g. a child who must carry out procedures on behalf of the his mother).

Registration is unnecessary in the case of certificates of representative given that the natural person who is the holder has already accredited before a certification authority that he represents the corresponding legal person, and therefore the certificate allows him to act on behalf and representation of this legal entity.

In this sense, when a public administration detects a representation by another means, either in person or electronically, it is considered good practice to offer interested parties the possibility of registering the representation in Representa, in the case of representations that they are not exhausted by the same administrative action, while informing of its effects and duration. Work is underway to provide a model to incorporate into the electronic forms, which will be incorporated into the Representa implementation guide.

Glossary of Representa

  • Power of attorney or representation : authorization conferred by a person (physical or legal) in favor of a third party to act on their behalf before the Public Administrations.
  • Apud acta : typology of power that is granted through personal or electronic appearance.
  • Power of Attorney : person (natural or legal) who confers powers of attorney on a third party to act on their behalf before the Public Administrations.
  • Representative or proxy : person (physical or legal) who receives a power of attorney to act before the Public Administrations on behalf of another person.
  • Validation : action to verify that the faculties or powers of a person are sufficient to act on behalf and representation of another person, in carrying out certain actions before the Public Administrations.
  • Process attended : the assistance provided by an employee of the OAC or OAMR in the use of electronic media, with the prior consent of the person concerned, which includes carrying out a procedure on their behalf by filling in and signing the form treat
  • Renunciation : action by which the agent decides to withdraw from the power of attorney conferred on him by the principal.
  • Revocation : action by which the power of attorney decides to cancel the power of attorney he has granted in favor of the proxy.