When a representation is cancelled, an e-mail is sent to the power of attorney and to the representative of the same, informing them of this fact, if they have informed their e-mail and given permission to send them notices. In this case, the representation is no longer valid and, therefore, the representative will not be able to perform administrative acts on behalf of the power of attorney.



A representation is always canceled by the administration, for two reasons:

  • an error was detected in the rendering and must be invalidated to prevent it from being used. This would be the case, e.g. ex. if there is an error in the name or NIF of the power of attorney, if the documentation on which the representation is based is of a procedural type and the registered representation is of a general type, etc.
  • 40 days have passed since the request for representation and the representative has not accepted it . In this case, the representation is canceled so that it does not remain in this state indefinitely.

Once the representation has been cancelled, it cannot be reactivated in any way, therefore, it is necessary to register the representation again, taking care not to make mistakes in its data or, making sure that afterwards be accepted by the representative, according to the reason for the cancellation.